Taught Courses

Experimental Nanophysics (5th year masters level or PhD): available to local Heriot-Watt students and students at partner universities through SUPA. For course details please login via Vision or My.SUPA.

Condensed Matter Physics (4th year undergraduate level): please login via Vision for course information.


Educational Outreach

We present the following talk which is aimed at broadening S3-S6, Y9-Y13 pupils’ and students’ appreciation of the wide-ranging applications of physics. This talk is free (to you) and held in your School or College. For other talks please visit here.

"Changing the light-bulb" for S3-S6, Y10-Y13
The common light bulb, around for over 100 years, is being replaced by a more compact, brighter, and more efficient technology: the LED (light emitting diode). The LED is also used in many applications such as flat screen televisions, traffic signals, the Nintendo Wii, and water sterilization. This technology is driven by new materials and devices in the field of optoelectronics. We will explore how these materials are fabricated, how the devices work, and what challenges remain. Related applications such as lasers and “single-photon” LEDs will be discussed.


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