Dr. Daniel Brunner wins presitious award


Our close collaborator Danniel Brunner has won the IOP's Roy Prize, awarded annually for the best nominated thesis in the field of condensed matter and material physics in the UK. Daniel's thesis developed ways to manipulate and probe hole spins in quantum dots. For further information about the Roy Prize, and also a list of previous recipients please see the IOP website. For Daniel's paper on hole spin coherence, see here.


New publication: Addressing a dark exciton with light


A dark exciton is an electron–hole pair with a very long radiative recombination time. Whereas their ’bright’ counterparts are studied in depth, dark states in quantum dots are often regarded as a nuisance. However, our collaborators at the Technion have found a technique to optically address dark excitons (including initialization and read-out) and in the process observe coherent oscillations of the quantum states. Combined, this work points to a novel and highly promising qubit. Read more in Nature Physics.


New Oxford Plasmalab 100 arrives


When combined with our state-of-the-art e-beam lithography system, this new ICP / RIE plasma etcher will allow us to fabricate any nanostructure we can dream up in any material we desire. Please contact Dr. Robert Hadfield or Dr. Brian Gerardot if you are interested in using this facility.




Peter Kremer joins group


Peter joins the group as a PhD student. Peter recently finished his BS degree in Science and Nanotechnology from the Dublin Institute of Technology. His research will focus on using our new Nanofabrication Facility to create novel quantum photonic devices.


Ralph Malein joins group


Ralph recently completed his studies in Physics and Philosophy at Oxford. He joins our group to pursue a PhD with a research focus of quantum optics and spin dynamics in quantum dots.

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